About Me



I don't remember the exact moment that it happened but I remembered I was 12 and headed to junior high. I would spend countless hours and notebook paper sketching my favorite trends. Somewhere in those moments I knew, I was going to design clothes!

It wasn't until I rediscovered my relationship with God and became committed to His desires for me that I understood this "strong feeling" of wanting to become a designer was no feeling, it was actually what I was placed here on this earth to do. Inside of that revelation came another: I am not as much obsessed with the aesthetics of fashion as I am the origin, creation, history and market of it.

My first apparel company, Peculiar People Clothing (PPPL Clothing), was started in 2013. It is a faith based athleisure company and served as my introduction into apparel design and entrepreneurship. Shop Tamasa Renee is an extension of my athleisure company with a focus on style and comfortability for women.

I hope you enjoy my new baby!