Style Reflections-2023

I would count 2023 as one of my favorite years in fashion. After years of exalting athleisure, the girlies learned how to "dress up" some of their favorite relaxed pairing wide legged Nike suits with booties.  Another fashion fan favorite has been the comeback of the 90's preppy look.... pleated skirts, knee high socks, and chunky loafers...have all made a reappearance but even better than before. Lastly, the bright yellows, oranges, and reds that have carried us into the fall and winter of 2023 have been say the least.

These are just some of my beloved fashion looks of the year that I thoroughly enjoyed. And although going into 2024 means an entire new set of fashion "do's and don'ts" a part of knowing me is knowing what clothing serves me. Below I have created a list of "Fashion Promises" for 2024 that depict the style and fashion investments that I want to make into ME in 2024. I know that this will change overtime however, I believe this list serves as a strong foundation.

1. I promise to put more effort into my everyday wardrobe.

2. I promise to invest in more colors.

3. I promise to take more risk.

4. I promise to start planning my wardrobe.

5. I promise to purge my closet, once every quarter

6. I promise to create better storage for the clothing/accessories I have now

7. I promise to start investing in heels again.

8. I promises to pick 2-3 trends that I really like each season instead of trying to follow all of them, lol!

9. I promise to add 3 sneakers to my collection next year

10. I promise to stop caring about what people have to say about my wardrobe.