Women In Sneakers Evolution


Have you noticed in the last few years a great sneaker collection is a must have for women. Now, we must acknowledge that since the beginning of time there has been a special group of women that have always saw the value in owning a great pair of sneakers…we see you girls…but for some of us sneakers were never an option, let alone a necessity. That was, until we start seeing our favorite fashionistas and professional girls wear a good pair of sneakers alongside their favorite dress and/or blazer while rocking a red lip and dainty earrings. For decades to wear sneakers meant you were dressed leisurely which is one of the things us girly girls really despised about the entire idea. Sure we wouldn’t mind having the luxury of being comfy in a pair of Nike low dunks but we don’t want to have to compromise our entire outfit for it and nowawdays we are not! Women are wearing sneakers to the office with their favorite pair of jeans, vneck and blazer. We have taken the idea of sneakers and made it make sense for us. No longer are we adjusting our wardrobe for sneakers, but instead we are keeping our wardrobe choices the same while finding the type of shoes that compliment the wardrobe pieces that we love the most.  


Want to transition into this new sneaker world but don’t know how??? I have a few pointers for you:


  1. Style your sneakers around 3 main wardrobe pieces. ---For example, if you love to pair a blazer with just about anything, then keep that in mind when searching for a sneaker. The idea is to make the sneaker make sense for you.
  2. Don’t overthink the outfit. ---- The outfit is something you would already wear and the sneakers are going to be an addition to that. The woman makes the sneakers, the sneakers don’t make the woman.
  3. Google is your friend! ---- When I want to explore something different with my wardrobe I always look for a reference. The idea is not to copy but to take a look and make it your own.



Hopefully the pointers help but at the end of the day…it’s all about makes sense for you! At the end of the day…. be fierce, be you and have fun!


1st image of Rhianna accredited to Vogue