Designer Dupes For The Win!

Generation Z has been making waves in the fashion world as being the generation that buys designer "look-a-likes" or dupes more than any other generation. Now don't be mistaken...a "dupe" and a "fake" are two different things. A fake LV speedy is a purse that has the official LV shape and monogram without actually being a LV bag. A dupe of the LV speedy bag is simply a bag that has the same iconic shape and handle of a speedy without the LV monogram on it. It's a copy without the disrespectful and illegal fake monogram of the designer original and generation Z is here for it! Today it is normal to find dupes of your favorite Hermes, Bodega, Dior, and Chanel bags. With Gucci already being the lead in embracing the era of "dupes" by releasing authentic Gucci jackets with "fake" written on them or their infamous purposely misspelled "GUCCY" line, it will be interesting to see how the fashion houses include dupes in their future releases. One thing is for certain, we often think that the fashion houses influence the culture and style of the masses but in reality the roles are actually reversed. Fashion houses pay attention to the culture and style of what drives the market and then releases it to the very people that inspired it in the first place. In seasons to come do not be surprised if you see the big names in fashion also embracing the trend of rocking a dupe!


Want in on a cute designer dupe??? Look at ShopTR's "Hello Gorgeous" cross body ode to the LV "Alma BB" Crossbody bag :) 

"Hello Gorgeous" – Shop Tamasa Renee